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If you’re looking for warmth, Cherry hardwood flooring is your answer. Its subtle but distinctive grain patterns and inviting reddish-gold hue make Cherry a perennial favourite. Cherry is a moderately dense wood with a fine, even texture. Its colour becomes darker with exposure to light, and as it ages, its lustrous hues will darken a bit more than other hardwoods, ultimately maturing to a rich, burnished auburn with golden and red highlights.
Cherry hardwood was favoured for much of the finest early furniture and cabinetry because it could be polished to a deep, glowing red. Because Cherry flooring is known for its natural hues, it is often most desirable to leave it untouched by stains. Also important to consider: scratches and other imperfections are more noticeable on Cherry because of its even grain, so we recommend a matte finish to help make marks less noticeable.

Cherry Hardwood Hardness Rating

Black Cherry wood has a Janka hardness rating of 950, while American Cherry is similar at 995. Cherry is harder than Red Maple, Yellow Pine and Chestnut, but softer than most other hardwood species.

Cherry Wood Countries of Origin

Cherry trees are most plentiful in eastern Asia, though most of Canada’s Cherry hardwood flooring is sourced domestically. Cherry trees are native to several regions in North America, but certain varieties also grow in the Central Americas. In the U.S., Pennsylvania and Virginia are known for their Cherry forests.

Cherry Hardwood Flooring in Calgary

Metro Hardwood Floors has a large selection of Cherry hardwood flooring, in a range of different styles and textures. Once you’ve looked at our various selections online, stop by our showroom to experience the warmth and beauty of our Cherry hardwood in person.