Solid hardwood is the most common of all types of hardwood flooring. It has been solid milled, and generally comes in a tongue and groove design for easy installation.

• Wide variety of species, widths, and colors.

• Most cost-effective of all hardwood flooring types, especially with narrow width boards – 3¼” (8.25 cm) or less.

• Available wire brushed or hand scraped.

• Installation Nail down.


Engineered hardwood is made with a real hardwood sawn-face surface and engineered wood core.

• Enhanced stability, less movement, fewer gaps.

• The most stable real-wood floor available.

• Wide collection of species, widths, colors and styles.

• Available wire brushed and hand scraped.

• Installation Nail, glue or floating.


Laminate flooring is a cost-effective type of flooring that is made from a bottom tread layer, fibreboard core, decorative layer and protective top wear layer that have all been laminated together using resins, high heat and extreme pressure.

• Highly resistant to moisture, staining and fading.

• Extremely durable and efficacy often rivals hardwood.

• Wide variety of simulated wood species, colors, and styles.

• Installation Glue or floating.

Wide Plank

Wide plank or European style hardwood floor is generally classified as boards of 5″ (12.7cm) width or wider.

• Available in solid or engineered wood flooring, and even hand scraped or wire brushed.

• Desirable for unique appearance and durability.

• Fewer seams, enhanced stability, less movement.

• Installation Nail, glue or floating.


Cork flooring is a unique type of flooring product engineered from the bark of the Cork Oak without cutting down a single tree, making it the most sustainable of all hardwood flooring types.

• Holds warmth well, comfortable to the touch, high sound absorption.

• Extremely large Collection of colors and patterns.

• Perfect for kids rooms, basements or any area needing warmth or sound control.

• Installation Glue or floating.


Custom site-finished hardwood floors are available with a selection of domestic and exotic hardwood flooring products.

• Product is purchased unfinished, installed, then finished on-site for a custom texture, finishing or precise color match.

• Available in a variety of different hardwood species with an endless selection of textures, finishes and colors to precisely match a home’s design.

• Installation Nail or glue.

Floating Floor / Click-Together Pre-Finished

Click-together hardwood flooring, often called a floating floor, features planks designed to snap together for easy installation.

• Offered in many different types of hardwood flooring including solid wood, cork, or laminate, and in a wide variety of wood species and colours.

• Can be installed overtop of almost any surface without damaging subfloor.

• Installation Glue or floating.

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